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International Association of Maritime and Inland Navigation Universities (IAMINU) is a public voluntary association set up by representatives of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation and friendly to Russia countries to combine efforts to promote the implementation of international agreements between Russia and friendly countries in the field of educational, scientific activities, development of sea and river transport.

IAMINU is not a legal entity and operates in accordance with international rules and regulations, as well as the laws of the countries it represents. The working languages of IAMINU are Russian and English.

The goal of IAMINU within the framework of promoting the implementation of international treaties is to combine efforts to develop cooperation with friendly to the RF countries in the field of transport education, to build and maintain reputation, to improve universities’ rankings in the international education market, to promote the export of educational services, to develop human resources for maritime and

inland transport.

To achieve the goal, IAMINU aims at solving the following issues:

- combining efforts in the preserve, strengthen and develop the existing relationship between universities;

- promotion of international academic exchanges;

- organization of conferences and seminars to exchange experience in developing educational programs in the field of maritime and inland transport;

- coordination of activities with national and international education governing bodies;

- organization of joint scientific work in priority areas of maritime and inland transport development;

- combining efforts to develop of scientific potential;

- use of best practices in infrastructure projects and their scientific support.

Members of IAMINU can be legal entities that carry out their activities in the field of education and development of maritime and river transport, contributing to the activities of IAMINU.

The supreme governing body of IAMINU is the Conference/General Assembly, which is held at least once a year in the countries whose legal entities are its members.

IAMINU was founded on November 16, 2022. The initiative was announced by Volga State University of Water Transport. The founders of IAMINU are Russian universities subordinate to the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport, as well as the Russian University of Transport (Moscow) and Academy of Maritime Education and Training (Chennai, India). The establishment of the Association was supported by the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.


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